Dream Arena

An e-sports betting platform on Ethereum, based on the decimal odds betting system

The problem Dream Arena solves

  • Dream Arena is an e-sports betting platform, where any Eth account holder could bet on the outcome of global e-sports events. Users can choose to be a bookmaker and control the decimal odds, or be a bettor and bet on the odds being offered by the bookmaker.
  • Current centralized e-sports betting platforms offer certain limitations and have multiple points of failure. Most have a complicated UI and have several restrictions for becoming a bookie on the platform.
  • On Dream Arena, there are no bookie restrictions and anyone is allowed to become a bookie, provided they maintain a safety margin all throughout the betting match. We also protect the users from a single point of failure by making it completely decentralized, including the match settling process, that happens using Chainlink oracles.
  • It offers a minimalistic UI so the new users and experienced alike, can place their bets with ease and see all their betting slips on a single page.
  • Dream Arena supports both Metamask and Portis, which enables users to control all their bets without worrying about key management.
  • Besides being on the standard Ethereum testnet, Dream Arena is also deployed on Matic Network, where all bets are handled in the native Matic tokens. This allows for speedy transactions with almost no gas cost.

Challenges we ran into

The smart contracts needed to designed with several security concerns in place. Since the contracts would be holding the bet amounts and margins at all times, we had to make sure that no unauthorized party could retrieve the funds.