Decentralized AR trading card game using ERC1155 with AR Gameplay

The problem DMon solves

As a kid (and even now) we love the francises such as pokemon, digimon and many more. As huge fans for these franchise most of us used to collect their trading cards. With NFTs there has been a surge in various collectible but most of them don't have any particular usage. Our game allows users to collect, trade and buy different monters and battle with their friends in AR. This makes our tokens not just collectible but much more. Furthermore out game allows users to gain XP points with their cards and make them stronger the more they play. Therefore every card holds history,is unique and the stronger it get the more valuable it becomes. This is one game where your collectibles are more than just collectibles

Challenges we ran into

Since we have been buidling game on Unity, we didn't have access to rich web3 frameworks that we have for python and javascript. So, we decided to create an API that act as a middleware for the unity.

Next challenge I faced was, there isn't any wallet framework for API. So, we need to design our custom wallet which stores private_key in encrypted format inside our database and we aren't storing password for that. So, when user want to login he will enter username and password and we will decrypt private_key for the session and store it in the access token. By implementing it this way we can ensure security of the account. It took us a lot of time to figure out this solution and implement all this programmatically.

We also tried to integrate biconomy in our app but were unable to do so. Since we don't have any web frontend, we can't use the biconomy SDK directly. So, we tried biconomy API but were unable to integrate it.