Discovery Account

Discovery Account

Discovery Account offers a secure and user-friendly solution, safeguarding both casual and advanced users against scams, as well as the risks of private key leakages by using account abstraction.

The problem Discovery Account solves

What we solve

DeFi and EOA can be challenging for inexperienced users, but account abstraction offers a solution. It provides a service that allows users to establish safeguards for the security of their funds by avoiding potential issues such as scams or leak/loss of private keys.

The benefits we bring to you:

  • Seamless interaction with Dapp and protocols like AAVE and UNISWAP, which have demonstrated their resilience.

  • Authorization of safe transfers exclusively to designated addresses. This is the end of address poisoning

  • An efficient lock and recovery system, our platform ensures optimal security and funds saving mecanism in the event of private key leakages or losses.

  • By utilizing account abstraction, we aim to empower users with a safer and more user-friendly experience in the world of DeFi and AEO.


Discovery Account is a multifunctional tool that can be used by organizations as well as by cautious users.

Managing your personal account or the funds of an organization by taking advantage of the assurance that you are interacting with the right smart contract or that the token exchanged is not a scam allows everyone to interact serenely with the blockchain.

Another possibility is the creation of Wallet Accounts supervised by parents and used by their teenager. In this case, the Discovery Account will allow teenagers to have the equivalent of an account while limiting the associated risks as much as possible. An automated stablecoin pocket money distribution system can also be added very simply.
What better way to discover the blockchain ecosystem?

Challenges we ran into


We had a hard time finding documentation on the topic of implementing Abstracted account, especially vulgarized one.
We faced the same problem for bundler and entry point.
Also there is too few SDK.