Thomas Hussenet

Hey my name is Thomas, I am a 22 student in finctech engeenering in France.
I have done a lot of hackathon, ETHDenver2023, ETHGlobal and so on.
I have won some of them, notably ethGlobal Paris.
I like to build project around privacy because I think that we all need privacy, and that there is a lak of easy-to-use privacy application. With 3 friend of mine I have created a start-up called cypherlab, where we build privacy focused tools.
Going on hackathon, is the best way to meet interesting people and skills up.


Discovery Account

Discovery Account offers a secure and user-friendly solution, safeguarding both casual and advanced users against scams, as well as the risks of private key leakages by using account abstraction.AAVE, EF: Account Abstraction, Optimism, Scroll, EF: Privacy and Scaling

Cypher zer0x

The first cross-chain Layer2 leveraging zero-knowledge technology and ring confidential transactions for Private AND Compliant blockchain transactions.Rust, TypeScript, EVM, NEAR Protocol, metamask snap, Polygon ID, Risc Zero, Harpie, LMDB (Lightning Memory-Mapped Database), zero-knowledge proofs and ring signatures