Depocalypse NFT Marketplace 🛒

A decentralized NFT market. Create your own NFTs in no time and put them up in the marketplace. Buying, Selling, Auctioning, or even putting NFTs for charity with so much ease has never been easier.

The problem Depocalypse NFT Marketplace 🛒 solves

NFTs and Ethereum solve some of the problems that exist on the internet today. As everything becomes more digital, there's a need to replicate the properties of physical items like scarcity, uniqueness, and proof of ownership. Not to mention that digital items often only work in the context of their product.

Depocalypse aims to combat censorship and the unjustifiably low royal fees that artists get. Our NFT marketplace lets you make these digital tokens with ease and sets up a platform where buyers and sellers can exchange these tokens using their crypto wallets (Metamask, Portis, etc.).

Each user/buyer can go through available NFTs on sale, get their description, media preview and buy them instantly with the click of a button.

Artists/Creators can mint NFTs and set the price as they want. We believe artists should have freedom and opportunities to select how they want to sell their precious NFTs, so we provide them with a lot of different options to choose from:

  • Direct Selling
  • English Auction
  • Dutch Auction
  • Blind Auction

We also provide an opportunity for creators to showcase their artwork and receive charity from people who appreciate their art and would like to help the creator grow.

Every user has a Gallery page where they can see all their NFT tokens made/purchased.

Our NFT marketplace utilizes a lot of amazing technological innovations to provide the user with a seamless experience of purchasing, auctioning, bidding, and a lot more features:

⚡ Lightning-fast transactions powered by Polygon Network.
🌐 Seamless logins without any additional extensions powered by Portis.
📦 Distributed Storage powered by FileCoin ( nft.storage ).
💲 Latest MATIC/USD price conversions provided by Chainlink price feeds.
🌊 Streaming donation money using Superfluid cashflows.
🌐 Integrated MetaMask wallet and built with help of Truffle from Consensys.

Challenges we ran into

  • This hackathon was our first-ever blockchain hackathon. We spent the first few weeks learning the Ethereum technologies and about the Web3 ecosystem. This journey was made more accessible by the EthOdyssey team by providing us relevant documents and links to understand Ethereum and Web3. It saved us a lot of time.
  • We were unaware of most of the great technologies the sponsors provided, but attending the live sessions and workshops helped us understand how to incorporate their features in our project.
  • Including so many auction types was a significant task since we started with only the English auction. We had to refactor the code to include other auction types. Reading research papers about Ethereum-based implementation of different types of auctions helped us understand things better.
  • Creating a user-friendly UI had always been our priority, and we are pretty happy with the outcome in that matter.

Future Roadmap

  • We started implementing NFT renting using SuperFluid contracts. Still, due to lack of time, we were unable to add it to our final deployment. Here is the code for the same. Hence, we plan to include this feature in future versions.
  • Gas Relays to create gasless creation and for other transactions (meta transaction).
  • Real-time data from contract events to give a better user experience and interface interaction.