Pradyumna Krishna

Hi, I'm Pradyumna

I am currently a B.Sc. Student. In the past I have worked with Python, Go and C++ and currently learning Node,js and Rust.
I have interest in fields like DevOps and MLOps, and I have worked on Cloud platform like Azure, GCP and IBMCloud.
I know technologies like Container (Docker), Git, and Cloud.
I have build some project that are available on my GitHub. like end to end encrypted chat messenger, Facial Expression Recognition and Web APIs.


Depocalypse NFT Marketplace 🛒

A decentralized NFT market. Create your own NFTs in no time and put them up in the marketplace. Buying, Selling, Auctioning, or even putting NFTs for charity with so much ease has never been easier.IPFS, React, JavaScript, Ethereum, Chainlink, Portis, Superfluid, Truffle, Polygon, Filecoin


Machine Learning
Cloud Computing