A Censorship Resistant - resilient - video sharing platform

The problem DClips solves

DClips is a Decentralised video sharing platform built using IPFS, Graph and EPNS which allow users to create, share and watch videos.

Users simply need to connect their wallet to the application and they can start watching the video they like without worrying about their privacy and irritating ads.

Creators can easily share their videos, which is uploaded to IPFS and other information such as name, title, category, etc. is stored as metadata on the smart contract thus making it censorship resistant and resilient. Once a video is uploaded user receives push notification directly from the blockchain.

Frontend of the application helps to navigate and play videos with ease with audio and time controls.

Challenges we ran into

We were unable to leverage a few sponsor technologies in our projects due to integration issues with the same.
A few products were crashing and weee unstable leading to issues.
Documentation available for a few technologies was not comprehensive, and needed effort in understanding it.

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