Let experts handle your crypto.

The problem D.A.M.P. solves

Our project makes it easier for novice users to earn crypto and advanced users to manage crypto.

Cryptocurrency markets are volatile and with that comes the risk of losing a lot of money if one doesn't understand the market conditions (let's face it, not many can comprehend the crypto markets anyway). In traditional finance, one can invest in stocks, bonds, debts etc. Many protocols try to give or improve services which are present in tradfi but there are very few protocols which actually act like mutual funds in tradfi. Even if such protocols exist, they restrict the freedom of users in some or the other way either for the managers or the investors. We have created a platform where people can stream their tokens to pools of their choice and let advanced users (managers) handle where to invest those tokens from those pools. We call it D.A.M.P. abbreviation for "Decentralized Asset Management Protocol".

We intend to solve the flexibility and security issues inherent to such a protocol. Flexibility in the sense that users can choose to withdraw their assets anytime they like and managers are free to invest those assets into a number of reputed protocols. Security in the sense that users can be assured that managers won't be able to run away with their assets.

The project that we have created will show a small part of our final imagination of such a protocol. We will add a link to a doc detailing our idea and implementation details along with the future scope of our project in the coming days.

Challenges we ran into

  • Superfluid is one of the project's crucial elements and being the sole smart contract developer, it took me (Chinmay Vemuri) more time to get used to the protocol than it normally takes me. Fortunately, the folks their were really helpful and solved each and every one of my queries clearly and patiently.

  • Testing such a project involves testing all the smart contracts which interact with many protocols at a time. Some aspects of the project would have taken a lot of time if there wasn't a proper testing framework. Thanks to hardhat and it's console.log feature, testing and developing the smart contracts was a breeze.

  • The most painful part by far is usually the integration of front end with the smart contracts. We faced some issues in getting data from our smart contracts into the front end and also blockchain data in general. We used Moralis to some these issues combined with the graph protocol.