Cupid is intelligent matchmaking, the project aims to optimize the hackathon experience by promoting meaningful relationships and maximizing outcomes.

The problem cupid solves


  1. Overwhelming Hackathon Interaction: Engaging with a multitude of people in numerous hackathons demands a significant amount of energy and time, both of which are limited resources. This often leaves participants unable to interact and connect with everyone in the room.

  2. Barrier to Entry for Web3 Novices: New entrants into the web3 space face a steep learning curve and often struggle to find team members for hackathons.

  3. Discord and Slack Management: The current market scenario involves active participation in numerous Discord channels and Slack channels, which can be tedious and cumbersome.


  1. Minimizing Face-to-face Interaction: Our proposed solution aims to minimize the energy required for face-to-face interactions.

  2. Optimal Matchmaking: Through a flawless 1:1 matchmaking system, Cupid ensures that participants are paired with individuals that complement their skills and ambitions, thereby facilitating the best possible outcomes in a hackathon. This matchmaking is powered by an intelligent analysis and categorization of each individual's 'sui account'.

  3. Facilitating Coffee Chats: Participants can connect and converse with their matches through casual coffee chats, furthering the rapport building process.

Challenges we ran into

In the process of developing Cupid, our team faced significant obstacles. The paramount challenge we grappled with was related to the analysis and classification of an individual 'ethereum account'. Given the vast and nuanced data within each account, this task proved to be quite complex.

The categorization process required a deep understanding of the underlying data and an intricate classification system to ensure effective matchmaking. An error in this phase could compromise the integrity of the matchmaking, thereby defeating the purpose of our solution.

Overcoming the Challenges
Overcoming this hurdle required an astute strategy, ingenuity, and collaboration. We reached out to participants and mentors active in the ethesoul community, seeking their expertise and counsel on our problem. Their insight was invaluable, helping us devise a sophisticated algorithm for 'ethereum account' analysis.

Through collective effort and invaluable feedback, we managed to fine-tune our approach and successfully overcome the challenge. This breakthrough allowed us to ensure that our matchmaking system functions optimally, enabling us to maintain our vision of creating meaningful connections at hackathons.