Taewan Kim

My background in Web2 dates back to 2017 when I first became interested in blockchain technology. I found it so fascinating that I decided to take a break from school and moved to Seoul to immerse myself in the world of blockchain. Back then, simply discussing blockchain was incredibly exciting, so I actively participated in various seminars and academic conferences to expand my knowledge.

In 2020, I realized I wanted to create a meaningful product using blockchain technology that could change people's perception of it, as many considered it a scam at the time. With this in mind, I chose to focus on the field of donations, as the characteristics of blockchain and donations complemented each other well. As a result, I developed a blockchain-based donation platform called "키다리아저씨" (The Long-legged Uncle).

Through collaborations with organizations such as Beautiful Store and Sharehouse, I worked on expanding the reach of my platform. My ultimate goal was not only to change people's perception of blockchain but also to shift the negative views surrounding donations. I am particularly proud of this project as it allowed me to leverage my passion for blockchain to make a positive impact on society. Prior to this, I had developed various smaller projects, but "키다리아저씨" (The Long-legged Uncle) truly allowed me to showcase my skills and dedication to the cause.



Cupid is intelligent matchmaking, the project aims to optimize the hackathon experience by promoting meaningful relationships and maximizing outcomes.Solidity, React, MySQL, Web3, Nodejs