Invest, Analyse, and Immerse

The problem CrYnTr solves

There are always people waiting to understand the concepts and the world of Crypto Markets. The wait time, or the LEARN TIME, for these guys is always very high or usually left away due to lack of interest or "time". We are building a novel Web-based application where users, usually newbies, show interest to join the crypto-ecosystem in Metaverse to learn, earn, and interact while playing. CrYnTr (Crypto-Enter) is a web-application based Metaverse with the main intention to on-board as many as newbies to the world of crypto in the best immersieve and interactive way as possible. We built our application with the intention to keep every user stuck to our application; newbie, intermediate, and investors etc. Our users, upon entering the application would be able to see a few options to see their portfolio, know their attention tokens, called ATOMS (in-application coins).

Challenges we ran into

  1. Network issues to get certain resources to develop the ML Model for our Risk Managment Services
  2. Integrating multiple API's into the Metaverse, that's built on Unity Engine
  3. Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models for these curriences are built on M1 Architecture (Apple's Macbook), hence migrated to X86 architecture.
  4. Developing interactive assets in our metaverse.