CRA - Covid Response Application.

Awareness on Number of Covid-19 cases. Symptoms causing Coronavirus. Necessary Precautions. Contact with doctors with avideo call. Payment Gateway through Ethereum. Easy to use for below poverty line.

The problem CRA - Covid Response Application. solves

  1. It helps people to know where-abouts of red zones near them. Using the feature of Google Maps, CRA can show the red-zones in a red cirle near the users so that they can take necessary precautions if going out.
  2. Lets people know the symptoms of coronavirus and necessary precautions required.
  3. People who are poorly educated and people from below-the-poverty line, can contact nearby doctors if emergency. Because of high occupancy, Doctors are not available everywhere and are only treating emergency cases.
  4. The In-app Shop lets people buy necessary Face-Masks to prevent contact of coronavirus.
  5. There is a payment gateway using ethereum after contact with the doctor

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the following challenges:

1.To mark the places and the number of cases in the maps.
2.Linking ethereum to our app.

Technologies used