A decentralized community-oriented metaverse for space enthusiasts

The problem Sitaraverse solves

Inspired by - Nasa Metaverse Problem

  • There are no metaverses targeted toward space exploration
  • The existing solutions are not accessible and not community-oriented
  • There are no incentivized solutions for contributing to the metaverse.
  • There exist very few economized platforms that can host services to other platforms

Challenges I ran into

  • The anticipated challenge is to integrate a unity-based platform onto web3.
  • There is a need for a proper consensus mechanism to target and incentive active users from the user base.
  • The platform needs to be relevant and interesting in the fast-moving web3 space so that people on the sitaraverse can contribute and enjoy the best.
  • To economize the platform without bombarding the users with ads they don’t want to see.