CommuneIn is an exclusive community tailored for Indian Citizens which provides a vibrant platform propelling you into the world of cutting-edge Web3 oppurtunities.

Built at ETHIndia 2023

The problem CommuneIn solves

In essence, CommuneIn seems to solve discovery, trust and access issues for key constituents interested in the developing Web3 space within India.

For consumers:

  1. Privacy and Security concerns - Traditional methods of identity verification often require users to share sensitive personal information, raising concerns about privacy and the security of their data. By utilizing zero-knowledge proofs (zk-proofs), your platform enables users to verify their Aadhar without disclosing any details. This enhances user privacy and reduces the risk of identity theft or misuse of personal information.
  2. User Convience - Seamless login and transaction validation where the passkey serves as a secure and convenient method for Aadhar verification and transaction validation, eliminating the need for repeated Aadhaar verification.

For businesses and creators:

  1. Challenge in reaching the Indian market - CommuneIn provides direct access to an exclusive community of Indian citizens interested in Web3.
  2. Need for feedback from early Indian adopters - Businesses can engage the CommuneIn community to gain valuable early feedback in the Indian market.

Challenges we ran into

  1. User Experience Design - Creating a user-friendly interface to interact with our platform was challenging. Ensuring an intuitive, seamless user experience was a key priority. We aimed to craft straightforward workflows so users could easily understand how to manage assets and investments. We used passkeys to eliminate repeated verification of aadhar for the same user device and hence improving the UX. Challenges were overcome in designing accessible functionality facilitating control over features.
  2. Limited time period for implemention

Tracks Applied (2)

Polygon Track

CommuneIN allows business/creators to tap into targeted markets and create products for an exclusive community. This wil...Read More


Ethereum Foundation Track

By integrating AnonAadhar, the collaborative potential becomes even more powerful. AnonAadhar's capability to facilitate...Read More

Ethereum Foundation

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