Chirag Agarwal

I am a final-year B.E. Electrical & Electronics engineering student at BITS Pilani Goa. I have a strong interest in blockchain technology and have been exploring its applications in finance and technology. As a software engineer, I have experience working on various personal and professional projects, including those related to Web3 payment systems, NFTs, DeFi, zkSNARKs, and oracles. In addition to my technical pursuits, I also have a passion for mountains, traveling, photography, cricket, simulator racing and graphic design.


Box Protocol

A tokenized, non-custodial box fundSolidity, OpenZeppelin, Ethereum, remix, Unisw

Box Protocol

A DeFi app for investing in boxes of crypto representing the hottest ideas & sectors in Web3. Think of it as Smallcase for Web3, but self-custodial & tokenized.Solidity, MetaMask, Next.js, ethers.js, Chainlink, Uniswap, React.js, Covalent


CommuneIn is an exclusive community tailored for Indian Citizens which provides a vibrant platform propelling you into the world of cutting-edge Web3 oppurtunities.Solidity, React, Next.js, Remix IDE, TypeScript, HTML/CSS, Hardhat, Polygon Blockchain