Insights from wallet data for web3 companies

The problem ChainProfiler solves

Most web3 companies fail in their first year because Web3 Projects struggle to understand their users and their behaviour. So businesses are unable to adopt the changing user needs and pain points.
The ones that do find a PMF struggle to grow; they cannot identify target groups due to a lack of insights and tools for targeting. Hence have to rely on inefficient mass communication methods to market.

ChainProfiler is a tool that enables web3 companies to:

  • Analyse the wallets based on their value, the protocols they use and, how often they use them, the NFTs they hold.
  • Get a quick view of the wallet using the Defi score that we generate based on various wallet attributes.
  • Identify target groups within their existing users and among new potential users using the chainprofiler dashboard by filtering based on attributes mentioned earlier.
  • Communicate with the target groups using EPNS.

As 1 billion users will be onboarded to web3, wallet analytics will drive marketing and growth.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Figuring out attributes to find the defi score. To understand that, we talked to multiple startups to understand what information they would be interested in about a wallet. Defi Score was something that they were interested in, one metric to summarise all the defi activity.

  2. The team had a low understanding of the front end. So we were learning javascript on the go. We faced issues loading the table but were able to resolve it after a bit of fight.

  3. APIs were scattered, hence had to try multiple platforms and test them out.