BuffetOnTime is a dapp which lets you pay for the time you eat. Money streaming is done from sender(customer) to receiver(Restaurant Owner) and the amount is automatically transferred per second.

The problem BuffetOnTime solves

When going to a buffet in a restaurant, often times customers feel the amount they paid does not justify the quantity of
the food they consumed, so they try to overeat to make their money worth it. Currently buffets have a fixed price, so the
customer has to pay the price regardless of whether they feel the food quality was good or not. Moreover, sometimes customers have certain dietary restrictions and they can only consume certain food items/dishes because of which they get over charged. BuffetOnTime helps users to automatically transfer money to the restaurant owner from user's metamask account per second for the time they are eating and they can still eat unlimited food. This helps users to get their money's worth as they can pay for exactly the amount of time they are eating. Users can also claim tokens for using our app which can be availed later to get discounts/benefits. It will also help the restaurant to not get overcrowded.

Challenges we ran into

Because of the large codebase, it became difficult to manage the things and even the small mistake in our code took long time to debug. We made multiple files to handle this where each file has a certain function.
While integrating superfluid in our app, even after installations, the sdk was not importing properly and we were not able to use the sdk. But the discord team of superfluid helped us to solve the installation issues.
While Integrating our smart contract with the frontend we were facing some issues with the abi which consumed a lot of time to debug but finally we were able to resolve that too.