shivam Kalra

I have been working at unreal finance as a solidity developer and developed the Core protocol there and the graph setup and got the contracts audited by Certik. I'm currently trying to advance my skills with EVM and trying to learn yul and assembly. I have some experience with Rust as well and started developing my first chain.


Bob - The Yielder

Cross Chain Yield Aggregator Defi protocol through which user can deposit their underlying asset from the source chain to the destination chain via a single transaction.Solidity, Node.js, AWS Lambda, Python, ethers.js, Connext, AAVE, TypeScript, The Graph, Hardhat

mishap manager

A safe plugin to apply stop loss on your assets in a safe.Solidity, Gnosis Safe




  • Unreal Finance - blockchain dev
    August 2021 - Present

    A Defi platform which provides future yield instantly by converting yield bearing tokens into two separate tokens for principal and yield.
    Responsible to develop the core protocol in a modular structure.
    Writing down the connection scripts using ethers.js for the initial frontend.
    Setup the required subgraphs for the protocol on thegraph.
    Relaying ideas to investors and to partnership opportunities.
    Represesnted the firm at the ETH Dubai conference.