E-Notary System is a blockchain-based secured Digital Notarization system which gives institutions as well as common people privilege to sign the aggrements in a secured way. Its gonna be revolution.

The problem BlockuSign solves

Currently, the notary system has lots of issues like fake notarization. there is no secured digital record for agreements and deeds which causes a problem if there is any conflict between the parties after some time. Lots of cases prove that the modern system should be digitalized buy that is not possible using the current web2 ecosystem. We are Solving this Issue by making this system completely digitalized using blockchain technology. Every user is being given SBT(soul bond token) for their unique digital identity. That is being used for the KYC by the government or any particular institution. We are removing the middleman of any third-party system that makes it completely transparent and secured.
All the contract data is being onchain and the document data is stored of decentralized peer to peer storage.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating SBT (soul bond ) with the notary smart contract is a bit tricky and takes lots of time to integrate. Our main focus is to give a smooth user experience so that they don't have to struggle or feel difficult to onboard on our platform. Integrating Smart contract is also took some time to integrate