Give answers to peer doubts and let others decide if you are worthy of the rewards from the doubt poster!

The problem BlockOverFlow solves

This encourages people to start with open-source contribution and take it in a more exciting and serious way. Peer solving doubts are encouraged in a competitive way in this project. It gives the users the opportunity to come into the limelight by constant developing their contributions in the public. If they are seen worthy of rewards by the community users, they are rewarded with a stream of money till they maintain the worthy position. But as it is open, some other worthy person can overtake the current one.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing and dealing with superfluid transaction streams. Developing logic for updating and creating streams to give rewards. We were constantly dealing with bugs on Superfluid stream transactions and tokens. Sometimes there was an issue where the contract is not able to determine the amount of gas required and in such cases, the transactions failed. For the superfluid part, the Superfluid docs were very helpful and solved the majority of our problems.