Generalized fantasy league betting platform on a blockchain using Dai, Matic and Axie.

The problem BlockLeague solves

In the connected world, we’re seeing blockchain making open financial system more global and open. The whole crypto ecosystem is at a very nascent stage and to attract mainstream users, we need to enable fun and experimental use cases where the traditional money can’t go but are easily possible with the programmable money.

On the other hand, fantasy leagues are getting popular day by day. We’ve created a generalized fantasy league smart contract to bet on teams participating in Axie Infinity’s Battles using Dai Stablecoin and settle faster and cheaper transactions on plasmafied Matic Network.

Our platform enables anyone, anywhere to bet on the outcomes of the games just by locking Dai stable coin to the smart contract. The winners can earn from losers pool. The ranks are decided based on data provided by Axie Infinity.

Stopping not only to that, we’ve designed the contracts in such a way that it can be used to bet on any random events like eSports Betting, Cricket and celebrities.

Challenges we ran into

The Axie’s Infinity smart contracts were not deployed on Matic chain which we wanted to use for validating on chain Axie’s data.

Technologies used