Bet InOut

Decentralized betting game for Hackathons where participants can bet on teams that may win and award schwags in return based on real time odd generation.

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Last updated: 20 October 2019 11:50 AM

Created project

The problem Bet InOut solves

It is an addictive game used to keep participants energized and interested in other team's hacks and predict and with with secure and fast transactions of in game currency. It's a fun betting game that results in awarding schwags instead of real money. Particpants can bet on a team/hack that they think might win the competition, all the participants use etherium coins given to their accounts and they can bet and see live updates of odds against and with each team along with how much profit somone can make (for example if someone bets on a less likely team to win, and if that team wins, the peope betting on that team will get more currency). This currency can be used in the Hackathon store to get cool schwags in return like jackets, bags, and lot of things. It will be a fun game during a 24 hour hackathon and also shows confidence a person has in their team(they can bet on their team as well).

Challenges we ran into

The first challenge was that we had no idea what Blockchain was and we wanted to build something on it just so that we could learn something. Our main agenda of the entire hackathon was to learn something new and with trying out Blockchain, Solidity and MetaMask for the first time, it was a huge challenge for us and we had obstacles everywhere. From installation errors to transaction errors we faced new issues almost every hour. However our will to build was strong and so was our will to learn. Losing did not matter to us and that is what kept us going. We still weren't able to solve every function we were thinking to solve which was still fine by us.

Technologies used