ASAP Finance

ASAP Finance

Universal Gateway to your web3 world

The problem ASAP Finance solves

With the increase in web3, more and more people are willing to try the technology out and would like to experience the change in finance sector. However for a new user onboarding the world of defi is not really frictionless, huge part of the defi dapps are segregated and ther earent any proper roadmap or guide to allow new users to try out defi protocols.
To address this issue and make the onboarding simple, ASAP finance bring the easiest onboarding experience by giving user a all in one dashboard to track all of their web3 identities under a single universal cross-chain identity, which can be as simple as "0xarchis". This relieves the user from sharing long public keys and since the ID hold all the other addresses from different chain, it makes signing up into dapps easier and it suits the dapp accordingly.
Making the ID sybil resistant using World Coin ID gives the ASAP ID a way lot more use cases like more safer airdrops and making sure the wallets belong to the same person.
Along with the regular wallets the user is presented with a Smart Contract Wallet with key recovery using guardian wallets.
The Smart contract wallet could be used in a browser wallet without having a seperate wallet installed in the mobile as well. This provides a easier way for users to pay and interact with dapps through their mobiles.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was the internet, due to slow internet there was a huge hindrance to the development, since getting onchain activities were slow and most times failing. However, we tried our best to integrate all possible partners which could be useful for our dapp.
Also, we were new to most of the integrated protocols in our dapp, so larning about them and working with them were pretty challenging