All for Earth

Game for a Change! An interactive video game that would encourage children to use their cognitive skills to think about the current environmental challenges we face.

The problem All for Earth solves

Earth is heading towards a catastrophe as we speak. 3,837,130,800 Tons of CO2 has been emitted into the atmosphere, 665,942,142,500 Tons of Ice has melted, Approximately, 29y 40d are left before Earth runs out of food.

Drawing on the theory of playful successes of using gamification as a motivating and behavioral change tool, we have adopted gamification (which is a combination of game dynamics, behavioral economics, and motivational psychology), an innovative strategy for fostering user-engagement and help solve the above problem. At its core, gamification is about engaging people on an emotional level and motivating them to accomplish goals for the greater good.

The problem with the typical textual studies is that they foster no interest in children towards learning and neither help develop any cognitive skills. Video games have a power like no other; the power that the player can interact with the game elements and can experience the theme of the game. This makes it a powerful tool to encourage a learning environment where students will not only get to experience the problems that we might face in the future if we are not able to control the environmental damage but also have a better retention rate.

Challenges we ran into

We ran through a wide range of problems ranging from Rendering issues to the script code. All there were times when it was difficult to find the appropriate/required sprites for adding in the games, though we overcame this problem by extensive research, photoshop, and modifications in the game.

One problem that we faced more often was Script issues, which wouldn't work sometimes whatever we do. We researched a lot and brainstormed a lot of game script logic and were finally able to build good scripts that worked as we desired. We also took help from mentors, who, luckily were also game developers and were a big help to us due to their good experience with game development in Unity 3D.