Consent Management for Bharat

The problem Aagya solves

The introduction of account aggregators will reduce the investment of time and effort on the part of people when engaging in transactions like loan applications. However, consent management in this avatar is an entirely new concept that is likely to introduce confusion. This problem is further amplified for low-literate Indian users that struggle to read and lack comprehension of what consent is and why it is important. Our submission provides a template for AA apps to build solutions appropriate for the 500 million Indians who struggle to read and write.

At Navana, we have extensively explored the use of audio visual technology incorporated in chat to be able to handhold lower literate people on a journey towards being able to use their smartphones independently. In our submission, we have explored the usage of a guided chat, as well as a vernacular voice assistant for a user to be able to apply for a loan via a banking app, and provide consent for financial document sharing via the AA app.

Challenges we ran into

Apart from facilitating consent management, it is an AAs responsibility to educate users more holistically about what consent is and why they should care about their data. Initially we had split up our designs to provide scope for a user to consume educational content on demand. However, it occurred to us that most users, especially our demographic, will only be incentivized to learn in a contextual manner. This meant holistic education would only really be valuable, within the context of a transaction. As a result of this, we introduced a pop up that provides educational content within the transaction flow.

Technologies used