Turning up the heat for the winds of winter at Devfolio β˜ƒοΈπŸ”₯

A quick read on all the new features we've shipped, new hackathons onboarded and major announcements made since our last community update!

Turning up the heat for the winds of winter at Devfolio β˜ƒοΈπŸ”₯

As the year comes to a close, here's what we have been up to in what turned out to be a month of feature shipping, a truckload of new hackathons onboard, and some major announcements since the last update!

Devfolio welcomes online hackathons

A quick sneak peek at our online hackathon platform

We've been hosting hackathons for a while now, and every time we shortlist hackers, we invariably end up not being able to invite everyone we would want to, to attend the hackathon in-person. For hackers far way from the hackathon venue, it sometimes isn't feasible to make the long journey to the hackathon as well. We believe that talent is everywhere, and every developer should get an opportunity to participate in hackathons where they can showcase what they are capable of building. This was the inspiration behind our online hackathon platform that aims at breaking all kinds of geographical and financial barriers for hackers to make hacking as accessible as possible. πŸ€—

You can now participate in online hackathons hosted on Devfolio from anywhere around the world at your own pace without the need to be physically present at the venue! 🌎

Read more about our latest take on empowering developers ➑️ Online Hackathons come to Devfolio!

ETHIndia goes online!

ETHIndia goes online!

With the Ethereum community being remote-friendly at heart, we launched our first-ever online hackathon, ETHIndia.online, a global effort to #BUIDL a decentralized future. Starting on Jan 22, 2020, hackers have 31 days to build, learn and collaborate with top developers and companies in the Ethereum community from around the world!

Apply now! πŸ‘‰ https://online.ethindia.co/

Rolling out much awaited features

We've been trying to make our hackathon platform the best in the world from all the feedback collected from our amazing community of 33k+ developers. We then went into beast mode building and shipping a ton of features apart from the online hackathon platform itself.πŸ”₯

We aim to provide a platform for developers around the world to showcase their projects, get feedback from fellow developers, collaborate on side projects, and grow along with each other! Let's have a quick look at these features, which will make this possible. πŸ‘‡

Comments and Upvotes on project submissions

A much-needed feature that we believe can help project builders engage and receive essential feedback from their fellow hackers in the community. πŸš€

Show some love on the projects built by fellow hackers

Head over to any project submission on Devfolio to check it out.


Devfolio Projects

We've built a brand new home for all your side projects and dream apps apart from the ones you build at hackathons. 🏑

With this feature, you can share your projects with the global developer community, get their feedback, and even invite collaborators who can help you ship your product!

Jump to https://devfolio.co/projects to check this feature out!

Devfolio Projects ❀️

When we say we're all about building an awesome developer community, we LEGIT mean it! We have a lot of exciting features coming up very soon. The best place to know about them as we ship them is out lit twitter feed - https://twitter.com/Devfolioco

Season Hackathons: Welcoming old friends back + making some new ones!

We're kicking off our 2020 hackathon season with a truckload of hackathons for you to participate in. We had a record run in our spring season and we couldn't be happier to start a new year with the next editions of these hackathons 😍

We're not done yet! We have a whole lot of new hackathons joining us in 2020 as well. Check them out! πŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

  • Electrothon - Organized by NIT Hamirpur (Feb 1-2, '20.) Applications closing on Dec 31, '19.
  • HackVerse - Organized by NITK Suratkal Β (Jan 25-26, '20.) Applications closing on Jan 05, '20.
  • MUJHACKS 4.0 - Organized by Manipal University Jaipur (Feb 1-2, '20.) Applications closing on Jan 14, '20.
  • .hack(); - Organized by MACE Kothamangalam (Feb 1-2, '20) Applications closing on Jan 16, '20.
  • Technex Hackathon - Organized by SVPCET Nagpur (Jan 20-21, '20.) Applications closing on Jan 16, '20.
  • HackJNU - Organized by JNU New Delhi (Jan 31-Feb 1, '20.) Applications closing on Jan 20, '20.
  • Hack Infinity 2.0 - Organized by DAIICT Gandhinagar (Feb 7 - 9, '20) Applications closing on Jan 30, '20.
  • Hack 36 Organized by MNNIT Allahabad (Feb 14-16, '20) Applications closing on Feb 1, '20.

With many more hackathons in the pipeline, https://devfolio.co/hackathons/open is the best place to keep track of all of them. Want to host your own? Here's how you can reach out to us.

ETHDenver: A mammoth Ethereum hackathon on Devfolio

ETHDenver happening on Feb 14-16, 2020 at Denver, US with an expected crowd of over 2,000 hackers, is all set to become the world's largest Ethereum hackathon and we're stoked to host it on Devfolio!

It's the year of Pegabufficorn (The Mascot)

Hurry up! Apply NOW at https://ethdenver.devfolio.co/ & book them flight tickets ✈️

A visit to Hack Off v2.0 @ VIT, Vellore

VIT Vellore organized the second edition of Hack Off hackathon, Hack Off v2.0, last weekend and Denver Dsouza, our very own friendly neighborhood community manager, went over for it. Besides mentoring hackers and judging hacks at the hackathon, he also gave the Devfolio 101 talk. (πŸ˜› We like the tune of it)

Check out Hack Off's project submissions at https://hackoff.devfolio.co/submissions

Matic extends the partnership for the 2020 season

Hosting over 40 hackathons in a calendar year would not have been possible without a great partner! Matic Network gave us unbelievable support throughout our 2019 hackathon season.

We are kicking off our new year with a bright smile because Matic is extending this partnership with us for the 2020 season as well. 😍

Participating in these hackathons has helped Matic emerge as a well-known blockchain brand amongst the student developer community in India. Their involvement has paved the way for hundreds of developers getting familiar with the Ethereum ecosystem, enabling Matic to build a strong developer community of their own!

Matic is also allotting a whopping $50,000 as Developer Support Fund for Devfolio hackers willing to take their project forward after the hackathon. Teams building exceptional hacks on Matic will be eligible for getting a seed funding of $5000 each from the developer support fund! πŸš€

Read more about it here ➑️ https://devfolio.co/blog/how-devfolio-is-helping-matic-build-a-thriving-developer-community/

What we’ve been writing/ reading/ watching/ listening:

  • My Morning Routine - How the first few choices you make in the morning can turn the day productive than ever!
  • Atomic Habits - A brilliant account on how to get rid of your bad habits and inculcate new ones
  • Deep Work - Unique and useful insights to help focus in a distracted surrounding
  • Money Heist - Oh yes you're all watching it aren't you? πŸ˜›
  • Cosmos - Carl Sagan's masterpiece that speaks the story of cosmic evolution, science and civilization


  • Pushed the all new hacker flow for the online hackathon
  • Apply faster at hackathons with fewer mandatory fields in the profile section
  • Resolved the bug that prevents users from adding both Github and Github.io links
  • Updated metadata for public profiles and project pages
  • Page now redirects to home after logging out

Well, that's all folks! Until next time ️❀️

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