Online Hackathons come to Devfolio!

We're launching, our first-ever online hackathon in our efforts to break down geo constraints to let thousands of hackers join forces in #BUIDLing the future.

Online Hackathons come to Devfolio!


  • Devfolio is tapping into its vast experience with hosting in-person hackathons to launch an all-new online hackathon platform
  • The first of these hackathons will be the online counterpart of a much loved Devfolio Official hackathon - ETHIndia Online

In-person hackathons are one of the best events you can attend as a seeker of creative and novel experiences. They manage to pack a ton of personal growth often, over the course of just a weekend along with providing an unmatched atmosphere of community learning, collaboration, and building. These were the hackathons which we fell in love with and that led to us organizing some of the most loved hackathons in India since 2015, with a fair share of admirers across the world as well.

  • 6 editions of InOut, India's biggest community hackathon,
  • 2 editions of ETHIndia, Asia's biggest Ethereum hackathon,
  • 1 edition of wmn;, India's biggest women-only hackathon
Over 5k applications were received for InOut 6.0!

If we haven't met yet, we're Devfolio 🤗

Apart from personally organizing the hackathons mentioned above, we also help organizers host awesome hackathons of their own through our state-of-the-art hackathon platform. Since our public launch in January 2019, Devfolio has helped supercharge over 35 hackathons all over the Indian subcontinent, US, and now, we've started spreading our wings across the globe too! 🔥

Thanks to Devfolio, organizers can handle a large number of hacker applications with ease and at the same time, make it an excellent experience for hackers to find more hackathons, apply for them and show-off the hacks they build in these hackathons!

Hackathons powered by Devfolio no longer need to use Google Forms/Typeforms/Airtable for applications, export email addresses to Mailchimp for sending emails, nor use GitHub/Devpost for project submissions. Devfolio does it all this and more with panache. 😎

We're now proud to announce what we believe is the next stage in the evolution in bringing the excitement of in-person hackathons to a wider audience, in a manner that matches our community values.

#1: Presenting, the Online Hackathon Platform on Devfolio 🚀

Online hackathons will help build an inclusive global developer community that can learn new skills, share knowledge, and build impactful applications at their own pace without the need to be physically present at a hackathon. Here's why online hackathons are game-changers:

  • Hackathon organizers typically receive a large number of applications but are only able to invite a limited number of applicants to attend the event due to constraints in terms of venue capacity or funds. Online hackathons allow a larger and more diverse set of hackers to take part.
  • Online hackathons help hackers overcome geographical and financial barriers in attending hackathons. With the growing adoption of remote work culture, hackers can also hack from the convenience of their workstations, in familiar settings, at their own pace.
  • A longer time period for project submissions means that hackers get more time to work on their ideas, which turns out to be the difference between short-lived hacks and fully-fledged products that can create real-world impact. It also means hackers have the time to pick up new frameworks and understand the nuances of the tech stack they're building on, leading to more polished products.
  • With more time on their hands to judge the projects, sponsors can focus on understanding the code and the purpose of the project better and provide mentorship as needed.
Our powerful online hackathon platform

We've built our online hackathon platform from the ground up to tackle major issues organizers face while hosting their hackathons. With Devfolio online hackathon participants can:

  • Keep track of hackathon deadlines and be notified to submit in time so that they can focus on building cool stuff
  • Get to know about new prizes/bounties announced, webinars, and other news throughout the length of the hackathon from the Announcements tab
  • Assess prizes/bounties that align with their skills and work on projects that they are either good at or want to build as a challenge.
  • Socialize, learn, and grow along with the vast community of over 30k passionate developers on Devfolio through the Overview tab.

We figured that the best way to kickstart our online hackathon platform was to launch our first ever online hackathon! 🔥👩‍💻👨‍💻

#2: We're launching 💻

Presenting,, Devfolio's first shot at taking Ethereum hackathons to a whole new level, true to the spirit of decentralization!

ETHIndia, with the spectacular success it has seen in its past two editions, has grown beyond just an annual in-person hackathon to a thriving community united by a shared belief in the power of Ethereum to cause real-world impact. It also helped incept runaway hits like InstaDapp and Incento, which are now part of the global Ethereum community's hall of fame. ETHIndia 2.0 had the highest number of applications ever received for an Ethereum Hackathon in the world!

ETHIndia 2.0 Applications!

Hackers get the luxury of 30 Earth days, starting from 22 Jan 2019 to dive into the vast ocean of Web 3.0 and build problem-solving, world-changing Ethereum-powered hacks with, and hackers can be a part of it regardless of where they are based. will be a first-of-its-kind tech bonanza where hackers can #BUIDL great things, interact with top mentors, judges, and sponsors worldwide, meet new hackers online, and what not! 👏

In our efforts to bring together excellent hackers and curious minds along with crypto-giants, we believe can build a symbiotic relationship between them. With Web3 companies existing entirely as open-source codebases, hackers can help build features that people want and win countless bounties! 🤑

Join our fantastic hacker community, and let's #BUIDL the future! And who knows? At, you may discover your startup co-founder, a new friend, or your dream mentor!

To stay in touch with us and to interact with a great, active community, join us at:

Want to host a kickass online hackathon with Devfolio? Drop us an email at [email protected].