Bringing Ethereum to the Indian Vernacular

We're coordinating efforts to translate Ethereum documentation into the Indian vernacular. Ethereum is essential infrastructure for a decentralized future & we need your help to bring the magic to every Indian.

Bringing Ethereum to the Indian Vernacular

Ethereum is essential infrastructure that'll power the everyday decentralized applications of tomorrow. So far we've been successful in spreading the word across the length and breadth of the country through both large-scale Ethereum hackathon (online + offline) and student-run hackathons powered by Devfolio.

A country with as much linguistic diversity as India (with 22 official languages) however, requires Ethereum to go local to become a commonplace term.

We're glad to be able to support the Ethereum foundation's efforts to translate into the major Indian languages. Contributing to translation is an easy 3 step process 👇🏻

1️⃣ Follow this invite link to join the project on CrowdIn. You will need to create a CrowdIn account if you don't already have one.

2️⃣ Find the language you wish to help with and select a document to translate. If the translation progress is below 100%, please contribute! You are encouraged to translate the highest version of the content to provide the most up-to-date content to users.

3️⃣ Once you've completed the translation (i.e. all files for a content version display 100%), the Ethereum Foundation's professional translation service will review (and potentially edit) the content. Once the review is complete (i.e. review progress is 100%), the translated files will be added to the website.

Lastly, please do join the Slack workspace and feel free to collaborate with other contributors.

For reference, here's the current state of the translation progress👇

▶️ Bengali - 100%

▶️ Malayalam - 88%

▶️ Telugu - 10%

▶️ Hindi - 8%

▶️ Tamil - 5%

▶️ Punjabi - 1%

▶️ Urdu - 0%

▶️ Odia - 0%

This is your chance to join over 200 volunteers across the world to help bring Ethereum to the masses.

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Want to connect with like-minded folks or need help with contributing?

Write to us 👉 [email protected]