UVC Vehicle Sanitizer
Ultraviolet C (UVC) Irradiation Based Public Transport Sterilizer\Sanitizer System
The problem UVC Vehicle Sanitizer solves


  • Amidst the COVID19 pandemic, Public Transport can be a key segment responsible for the spreading of the invisible viruses and bacteria surrounding us.
  • To discontinue the use of public transport isn’t the smartest choice, so making the use of public transport safety is the need of the hour.
  • The Solution to the addressed problem is to sanitize public transport before every new trip.


  • The proposed system is IoT-enabled, controlled, and monitored UVC irradiation system.
  • UVC-LED arrays are deployed inside the public transport system and they will be switched on by mobile app for a predefined duration when disinfection is to be carried out.
  • UVC light will destroy the viruses and bacteria from inside surfaces of Public Transport.
  • The sanitization process can be carried out between two trips after previous travelers leave the transport and before the start of the next trip.
  • The solution is supported by an IoT platform and mobile application for monitoring and operational control of the device. The disinfection process can be started by the mobile app using the IoT capability of the system.
  • PIR sensor will be also deployed within the public transport so that the device will be switched on only when no one is present inside the transport vehicle to avoid accidental exposure to UVC of human beings.
  • The prototype is being developed using NODEMCU, Relays, PIR Sensor, UVC LED arrays and supported by Mobile App and IoT Cloud.


Every Public Transport/Cab operator can use this solution. Its market can be very huge as public transports are the most frequently used transport mode and keeping them covid safe is the need of the hour. This solution can be customized to disinfect\sterilize any public contact places like an auditorium, shopping mall, colleges, etc.

Challenges we ran into

Due to the pandemic lockdown in our state, purchasing hardware components was quite a tedious task. We could not find all the exact components that our project needed and hence we had to re-modify our circuit with the existing tech stack at hand. Fortunately, in the course of this hackathon, we were able to successfully achieve the desired model that we wanted to design and the hardware prototype functioned accurately.

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