Super Rinkeby Game
A decentralized Super Mario-like game where you can magically change your character through an NFT purchase
The problem Super Rinkeby Game solves

The game is decentralized and cannot be taken down by game publishers since it is hosted on IPFS. The game has a stronger UX/UI than other blockchain games since it is built using our SDK that links to Unity, the world's most popular game engine. By using Unity, we unlock blockchain game development to the millions of game developers who are currently using Unity to build web2 games. The game enables FOMO and superfan following by allowing gamers to buy and fully own limited supply, unique assets that develop their characters and game environment.

In addition to the game, we brainstormed on how microtransactions would work in gaming in the future. Nightshade on the NEAR Protocol inspired us to rethink sharding 2.0. Instead of dedicated nodes to validating locale-specific data, we considered nodes validating DApp-specific data. We also considered community-centric validation. Each game download would include a node download. Gamers can decide if they want to toggle their node capacity on/off and depending on how much storage they want to provide. Gamers who participate in node validation will receive more in-game points.

Challenges we ran into

Due to time limits, we were unable to develop game assets for other components in the game (ex. buildings, diamonds to collect points, red blob that would end the game).

Technologies we used
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