PolyGens is a token tethered generative art project which enables the user to mint various NFTs according to 3 age groups of a human life cycle which change based on the token price differential.
The problem PolyGens solves
  • NFT art in the market is static - our generative Art collection tackles that using Chainlink Pricefeeds. Using that we change the image to different age groups based on price differential. So if your tethered token value goes up, your NFT grows older, if it goes down, it grows younger making it much more interactive.

  • Trait Sniping - NFT images put on IPFS often get trait sniped which is a major issue, the alternative is to use a centralized backend to store the image. We found the perfect balance by masking the CID for the duration of sales therefore effectively preventing trait sniping but at the same time keeping the decentralization of IPFS

Challenges we ran into
  • One challenge we faced with IPFS, the most storage solution for NFT metadata and assets is that IPFS is a public network. This means anything stored on IPFS is available for anyone to find. So, to prevent trait sniping, we implemented a middleware backend that masks the IPFS CID for our folder, and so metadata will not be returned if a particular NFT has not been minted. Once all the images are sold we change the base URI and remove our backend.

  • Creating a variety of assets for NFT artworks was a challenge.

  • Created ProjectDecember 12, 2021 5:38 AM2 months ago

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