Listen to music. Earn NFT rewards. Burn NFTs for awesome gifts.
The problem PolkaMusic solves

PolkaMusic NFT Rewards gamifies the music streaming experience on PolkaMusic decentralized streaming platform. This is an extension to the larger PolkaMusic project that we have been building.

PolkaMusic is a DDEX compatible substrate-based public chain that is being crafted exclusively for operating decentralized music businesses on the blockchain. While PolkaMusic.io is a decentralized streaming platform by itself, it is envisioned as a 360 infrastructure for decentralized music using which music entrepreneurs can not only create their own micro-economy for their music platform but also leverage the ever-growing list of features such as NFT, crowdfunding, decentralized storage and more. PolkaMusic also allows existing music blockchains to connect to the PolkaMusic ecosystem in order to interconnect siloed music economies and enable interoperability, wherever possible.

PolkaMusic is trying to solve 4 major problems that are unique to the music industry: Pro-Rata royalty payment model, lack of transparency, digital blind spots, and slow processing.

Challenges we ran into

We initially envisioned to use substrate off-chain worker concept to deliver data from the centralized MySQL database to the blockchain for further processing of distribution of NFTs after randomizing the reward data. The code is available over here -> https://github.com/polkamusic/PolkaMusic-Buildathon/blob/c6cf8f1beba1a3aeee34f4537890257af0fc54cd/chain/pallets/pm-nft/src/lib.rs#L287

Due to issues with substrate version that we were using, we could not solve the errors in-time and went for our fall-back plan that is showcased in the video.

Technologies we used
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