Cross Chain NFT Bridge For Ethereum <-> Polygon <->BSC <-> Other EVM Compatible Chains😲.
The problem NIFTY BRIDGE🌉 solves

The NFT market is now worth more than $7 billion. That's a big increase from monthly sales volume of about $400 million at the start of the year, and it has helped drive the market cap of the NFT universe to about $7 billion. A Cross-chain NFT bridge (ERC721/ERC1155) can increase the liquidity of NFTs across multiple chains. With the booming NFT market right now, it is a highly sought-after feature for EVM compatible chains.


NIFTY BRIDGE is a Cross-Chain platform to transfer NFTs(ERC721/ERC1155) between EVM Compatible chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, etc. At the moment platform only supports Polygon, Ethereum, And BSC but adding support for other chains is a very simple and effortless task just need to add configuration and deploy contract for respective chains.

📝 Use Cases

The future of blockchain is not Single-chain but Multichain and bridging applications are crucial elements. Interoperability between blockchains—allows users to access the benefits of each without sacrificing the advantages of the host chain. This has several implications and use cases:

  • Cross-chain collateral. Bridges enable users to transfer digital assets in our case NFTS- from a blockchain that holds significant value but few dapps of its own, such as BSC, to one that has a developed DeFi ecosystem, like Polygon & Ethereum.
  • Scalability. Nifty-bridge can transfer NFTs in 2-3 minutes enabling high swapping throughput which can help the NFT ecosystem grow even further.
  • Cost & Efficiency. With layer 2 solutions like Polygon every swap will require a minimal gas fee and have higher transaction speed which can born applications like cross-chain NFT DEX. Please refer here for the complete Architecture and walk-through. You can try NIFTY BRIDGE for yourself it has been deployed to StackOS.
Challenges I ran into

As I don't have that much backend experience, I had a hard time creating a service to watch for contract events. But after I went through the documentation of Go and Swagger API I started to understand the overall flow.

I also had a bit of trouble integrating with StackOS but the StackOS team helped me out.

p.s. To get Historic NFT transaction data across Multiple chains(Eth, Polygon & BSC) Covalent's rich API has been integrated.

Technologies I used
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