NFT Multisender
An NFT multisender tool to transfer multiple NFTs in one click also against specific collection metrics with cross-chain capabilities.
The problem NFT Multisender solves

As of now, NFT projects owners/collectors have trouble in batch sending NFTs to multiple addresses. They would want to do so as airdrops, migration to another chain or simply as a marketing activity wanting to drop an NFT from their series/collection to specific addresses which are top either holders or traders of other popular collections.

Our NFT multisender tool saves users the trouble by allowing them to send as many NFTs of a collection to multiple addresses efficiently in one click. The tool brings efficiency to the process saving time and reducing chances of error through automation. The main features include direct transfer to multiple addresses, transfer against specific metrics of other collections. The upcoming features include;

i) enabling cross-chain transfers that would function as a bridge for collections migrating onto the Polygon network

ii) auto-suggest active addresses of similar collections so collections owners can transfer NFTs to create marketing pull.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge we faced was with fetching data of NFT collections including but not limited to their top holders, active addresses etc. We overcame it by creating our own database by mapping data from different available APIs such as of Opensea, Moralis, Dune Analytics for showing sample data in the hackathon. Going forward we are looking to build our own data sets using GraphQL.

  • Created ProjectDecember 12, 2021 6:20 PM2 months ago

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