NFT based Certification
Get your certificate securely. No need to worry about its security or alteration. Malpractice will be punished!!
The problem NFT based Certification solves

It aims to solve the authenticity of the certificate issued. People use fake certificates. Certificates can be from their academics or from academics or from specialization exams. This can be a handy tool. It aims to issue certificates in a speedy and secure manner. It is assumed that the question will vary every time a user takes a test. So, an address can have multiple certificates associated with it. The certificates can be verified. In the case of malpractice, the admin has the authority to delete the certificate making it null and useless.

Challenges I ran into

The first problem was to make it happen in one week of time. The second biggest hurdle was to implement the conseiljs in JavaScript instead of TypeScript. Some of the functions were not included in the documentation, so it was a bit tough. I tried to use Browserify to implement the nodejs script as the browser side JS script. I was able to invoke functions like VerifyCertificate. But because of the shortage of time, I wasn't able to implememnt it.

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