A truly decentralized mobile-based NFT Marketplace with minimal UI, seamless transactions, and a web application for effortless generation of randomized NFTs.
The problem MINTIT solves

The existing decentralized applications are too complicated for most users. The habit of web2 based applications acts as a hindrance for most users to migrate to web3. The lack of decentralized applications on mobile platforms limits the adoption of web3 by the masses. Also the high gas fee on ethereum is not affordable to a normal user. The goal is to make a decentralized mobile NFT marketplace that is as straightforward to use as traditional shopping application and executes transactions with nominal fees.

MINTIT mobile application runs on both android and iOS devices and gives a premium native experience. And the avg fee for creating a colletion is 0.09 MATIC ~ 13 Rs and minting an NFT is 0.007 MATIC ~ 1 Rs.

Until now, random generation of NFTs required artists to write/understand complex code. But, with our MINTIT generative web interface it is just a matter of few clicks, so that artists can focus solely on their creative work.

Mobile App offers -

  • Base Wallet
  • Easy creation of NFTs
  • Creator focussed walls
  • Buying / Selling of NFTs with fixed price
  • Bidding / Bid cancellation / Selling on bids
  • 0% commissions on NFT trades
  • Royalty to creators so they can live off passive income
  • Seamless transactions with nominal fees powered by the Polygon network
  • Real-time MATIC to USD price feeds provided by Chainlink Oracles for better UX
  • Searchability of NFTs / Collections / Creators based on name, contract address with the help of The Graph
  • Permanent and immutable storage of NFT assets and metadata powered by IPFS and NFT.Storage

Web App offers -

  • Easy creation of random multiple and unique NFTs
  • Complete control over the rarity of attributes as per creator’s choice
  • Completely private client side application
  • Connected Batch minting interface that creates multiple NFTs in a single transaction
  • Deployed on StackOS decentralized cloud
Challenges we ran into
  1. Building a Mobile based Dapp was the toughest challenge we faced. There are no convenient development tools in existence. For example, there is no wallet extension like Metamask. So we built the wallet functionality from scratch and added the functionality of gas fees calculation before actually sending transactions. And that is why we decided to build a "Truffle Flutter" box in the 3 days extension period. It makes flutter web3 development very much easier with a basic wallet functionality.

  2. Collection verification using Twitter API by making the collection owner tweet the collection address was a difficult task. This was due to the fact that we wanted to implement on-chain verification by extracting the address from the tweet. But Chainlink Nodes can only return specific data types. The API we created returned the address as a string but converting it to address type to store as a mapping between collection address and the Twitter handle was not feasible. So, we decided to implement it in a different way later.

  3. While planning our generative interface, we wanted it to be fully client side, so that user's art is not compromised before actually minting it. For that, we used Browser's "Filesystem API" which can directly read and write to user's filesystem at high speed. But, we later came to know that it is only functional in Chrome and Edge. Also, browser's computing power is much less than server's, so it is slower than server side option. But we still prioritize privacy and convinience and we are exploring ways to scale it.


Both Mobile App and Web Interface are fully functional on Mumbai Testnet.

  1. MINTIT mobile apk

  2. MINTIT generative web interface (sample input is in repo)

  3. Trufffle Flutter Box

Technologies we used
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