A smarter way of selling and buying used bicycles on a blockchain based platform.
The problem MetroBiki solves

Huge stacks of bicycles standing in rows are something which has become common to all the hostels, most of them are brand new bicycles. The old system of buying ‘used’ bicycles has become out-of-date, either due to the communication gap in the student hierarchy system or the non-stop influx of newer models in the market which is leading to a bicycle-flood in the campus. This has given rise to two major problems - first, the increasing load on the infrastructure (cycle stands) to support and store these bicycles and second, wastage of money in buying fresh models when old ones could have been bought at a much lesser price.

The main objective would be to reduce unnecessary expenditures on cycles including handling/storage costs which in total amounts to lakhs of rupees.

Challenges we ran into

Uploading the entire frontend in IPFS, few problems encountered while integrating frontend and backend via RPC calls(web3s.js).

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