MetaBulls = MetaVerse + Bulls (We all like bulls) Imagine a truly decentralize metaverse where you can hangout with your friends and play games without buying land parcels or paying anything.
The problem MetaBulls solves

Brainstorm 🧠

The current problem with the Metaverses is that they do not provide quality gaming , While they provide interactivity but they lack in providing quality games most of the games are casino or gambling. What we are trying to build is a platform that integrates the interactivity of the metaverse and the gaming experience of high quality games. Most of the PoE games don’t offer interactivity as it’s difficult to integrate. By using our interfaces/API’s developers will be able to provide interactivity of a metaverse. We strongly believe that the real utility of NFT is in gaming.

What it does 🔧

An aggregation of various games PoE as well as PvP. Providing the best possible experience to user as well as creating value. Players get to showcase there nft in a fight as well as challenge other users

Tokenomics 🤑

Our ecosystem is supported by 3 tokens and all play a crucial role in providing fundamental functionality to users.

  • Damage Token : ERC20 (Gaming Token)
  • BULL NFT : ERC 721 (NFT’s)
  • MetaBull DAO : ERC20 (Governance)

Infrastructure 🏗

We are build to be resilient. Our infrastructure is designed very carefully keeping in mind the amount of effort and time players from all around the world will spend on our platform. We use polygon chain for providing base level security in logics and causing no single point of failure. For faster curation of data we use SubGraphs. We have deployed our own subgraph node for hosting the platform. Audio chat is done via Webrtc. Utmost care is taken in designing the infrastructure to be as decentralized as possible. IPFS is used as a decentralize storage to store all game assets as well as NFT’s.

Imagine a truly decentralize metaverse where you can hangout with your friends without buying land parcels or paying anything. You are the owner your world. You can showcase your nft’s or display your 3D artworks.

Challenges we ran into
  • The biggest problem for a metaverse builder is creating sustainable code to for the future generation to built on thinking modularly was one of the toughest thing to do
  • Instead of Using Game-Engines which do not support web-browsers natively we have used BablyonJs for the best possible user Experience

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😎

Totally Modular code fully working demo deployed on Matic Mumbai. Making the Graph Work with Matic

What's next for MetaBulls ⏱

There’s a lot to build and lot to learn. We want to work on growing the project organically with sustainable code infrastructure. Building a in game NFT marketplace Bringing various other games to the platform Launching it on mainnet as soon as possible

Technologies we used
  • Created ProjectDecember 2, 2021 10:02 PM2 months ago

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