Hriday (हृदय)
For those who endure
The problem Hriday (हृदय) solves

As the deadly Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world, it induced a paranormal amount of fear, anxiety and depression in people. The suicide rates witnessed a massive surge. In India alone, news media reports indicated 369 cases of suicides in 2020 during Covid 19 lockdown vs 220 reports in 2019, a 67.7% increase in online news media reports of suicidal behaviour. Even before the pandemic hit the world, mental health remained a topic of taboo. Our app provides the user with an AR companion (a pet dog to be specific) which acts as a confidant and performs amazing manoeuvres for anyone experiencing dejection or anxiety due to the current situation. The app is also provided with an AR meditation chamber to engage in an immersive meditative experience.

Challenges we ran into

1)Importing the speech to command plugin and making it functional. 2)Initiating and making the animations work on clicking particular commands. 3)Operating the meditation chamber .

  • Created ProjectMay 9, 2021 6:06 AMa month ago

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