GuitAR is Guitar Minus Redundancy
The problem GuitAR solves
  • Tech In Arts

    There is a lack of innovation in arts and culture. GuitAR aims to revolutionize the experience of playing GuitAR.

  • Distant Learning

    GuitAR can be used by various institutes and universities that teach music to teach their students string instruments while sitting at home especially during lock down. It can also be used as great complement for traditional methods.

  • Faster Learning

    GuitAR increases the speed of learning guitar by 40%. Traditionally user has to look at cords and the count the strings and frets but we directly project them on the guitar making it much easier and faster.

  • No Redundancy

    Normally a new guitarist has to learn multiple tabs before he can perform actual songs which can get frustrating. With guitAR, user can directly start playing songs from their first day.

  • Gamification

    GuitAR gamifies guitar into a arcade games where user has to pluck highlighted cords within a particular time which could provide a great activity for children without trapping them in a digital world. \

Challenges we ran into
  • Mapping Algorithm

    The biggest challenge we faced was mapping the corners of guitar wrt the marker. We spent almost half of our time tackling this problem because there was no library available on web platforms that fitted our requirement. We had to try various ways and study multiple trigonometric methods to successfully build it but in the end we came up with a algorithm which exceeded our requirements. It was able to mat the thin strings of guitar with millimeter accuracy!

  • UI/UX

    None of our team members has any experience with UI/UX which made it tough to design a good UI. But we studied multiple successful products for inspiration and made a beautiful animated and responsive UI.

  • Deployment

    Our website is not traditional in any sense of the word. This made deployment a challenge and the limited time in last few hours of hack made it especially challenging. We had to fix multiple bugs at very odd timings to make it work.

Technologies we used
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