Revolutionising​ Mobile phones with Smart Glasses
The problem Glassidious solves

We help you swap your mobile phones with our smart glasses in a swift. Probably the World's first fully Open-sourced pythonic Smart glass just made for everyone who wishes to try and make it your daily wear!

Current Features:

OCR (Translates unknown languages into a known form in a image)

Real time speech translation (Translates speech in Real time to target language)

Aid for hearing Impaired people by displaying the words used by the other speaker

Camera with recording and photo snapping capabilities

Find who a special add on to find the person whom you are talking but don't know just through a single click

Bone conduction Technology for hearing songs and your AI assistant on the go.. and also most importantly have awareness about your surroundings.

AI Speech Assistant just say Hey Smarty ! to awake your assistant and do wonders - (Under development)

Navigation Type the place you want to go in your app and get real-time support for choosing the right direction

A totally minimalistic display just the right way to not hurt your eyes

Special Hologramic technology used for display just to make sure your eyes don't strain

Get alerted for change in weather

Challenges we ran into

FInding a 3d printing centre around banglore printing all our parts multiple times because of problem with the optics writing a compatible code for a microprocessor

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