Community-saving funds, empower the community to perform peer-to-peer saving, borrowing, lending on their own terms, feasibility, and needs. Where trust and security are integrated with integrity.
The problem solves

Inspired by household savings, and investments plan within the closed community, famously known as Chit Funds in the Indian subcontinent, and worldwide as a form of rotating savings and credit association (ROSCA).
Where a group of individuals agrees to meet for a defined period and amount, in order to #save, #invest, and #borrow together, a form of combined #peer-to-peer banking and #peer-to-peer lending (#microcredit, #microfinance).

A regular community fund has two actors:

  • fund manager, an individual running a fund(s) privately or a govt-regulated institution
  • fund participants, group of individuals

Problem statement

Gamla fund address the issues where the traditional community fund failed:

  • trust in participants and security of invested money
  • fund management cost

Trust and security Like in any form of dealing, and transaction, trust and security is the core problem so is community funds, exposing both actors in community funds to equal risk.

Risks were:

  • participants as defaulters, irregularity in monthly deposits, abandon the fund
  • fund manager defaulting on participants


At, we export the trust, its execution to smart-contract on polygon blockchain.

Fund management The smart contract is the fund manager, eliminating the middleman, and ensures

  • every fund participant

    to pledge crypto collateral of value 120% > individual fund value (duration * monthly amount), to secures from deposit defaulters.

  • upon deposit defaulting,

    sells off the crypto collateral to compensate the defaulted deposits, keep fund alive.

Fund management costs will reduce to negligible, also thanks to Polygon blockchain.

Who should use empowers every individual to manage their finances by

  • Savings
  • Investments (interest rates, lending)
  • Borrowing


  • Any world citizen
  • Has crypto collateral
Challenges we ran into
  • Team members' contribution is affected by ongoing exams.
  • Started the project as a Mobile Dapp with React native to qualify for Mobile track, Moralis. Due to the unavailability of team members or the lack of time, the project technology landscape is shifted to BUIDL a web application.
  • Browser issues: There could be certain function calls to the blockchain that are not working always, for e.g: publicly viewable funds are not loading. Either refresh or try with other browsers.
Technologies we used
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