Using EtherWills, you can assign beneficiaries to your will such that after a major life incident or death, the beneficiaries can receive the percentage of ether alloted to them in the will.
The problem EtherWills solves

The number of people using cryptocurrency to store funds is growing all the time but It is estimated that over 4 million bitcoins have been lost after the deaths of their owners, because these owners did not share the private key with the beneficiaries.

EtherWills bring a solution to the problem of lost digital wealth. In a EtherWills, an owner is able to list the beneficiaries who will receive the alloted percentage of ethers to each beneficiary and the private key of the owner. Since the information in the Will is private, no one except for the beneficiaries will be able to access this information, that too only when certain conditions are met.

This allows you to transfer your savings to family or friends in the event of a severe illness or death and hence, prevent a loss of your saving and allow them to be transferred to your loved ones

Challenges we ran into

Creating a contract in such a way that there exists a factory contract that stores all the wills and and the will contract itself was big hurdle as we needed to keep the security issue in mind in creating both the contracts.

Since we were using React and Next.js, we faced a lot of SSR and CSR issues when it came to importing and using the window variable.

Integrarting Torus to the project was one of the main issues that we faced due to SSR and CSR and the fact that there existed an issue with Torus which was later fixed by them.

Due to our lack of much knowledge in Front-end design, we were only able to bring the local development server up during this hackathon and could not create a full-stack application.

Technologies we used
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