Ethereum Track: TAGZ
Highly Efficient Face Enabled Blockchain Transactions for Public Transportation Systems
The problem Ethereum Track: TAGZ solves

In today's increasingly populated world, it has become increasingly difficult to travel using public transports due to the bottlenecks it consists when people are moving in and out of the system. We decided to find a solution to these problems, by using Fast Face recognition, and then Matic's Fast Layer 2 solution for writing the financial transactions to the Chain.

This enables the people to just walk in, without any additional hardware (and/or RFID cards) and move through the public transport system without any wait times or unnecessary issues.

Challenges we ran into

Building this hack was by far the most challenging thing any member of this team had done.

There were 2 people working all night on reducing the lag in face recognition and making it as fast as possible, with ranging from testing multiple models, solutions, and methodologies and the other two members were tirelessly building the code that powers the solution on the blockchain. On top of that, the testnet for Matic crashed in the early morning, and we were unable to move forward with our testing. Luckily, the Matic team fixed it soon, and we managed to build some parts of our initial ideas on it.

Technologies we used
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