Ethereum Track: MoodBeats
Music Streaming Platform
The problem Ethereum Track: MoodBeats solves

We intend to make a new music streaming platform which we think will completely overhaul the music streaming industry by introducing features and services no one even dared to imagine. Our product will primarily have the following USP's -

1)Mood based music player : To play songs based on your mood using your live camera feed(because no one likes to listen shape of you after a break up :( )

2)No compulsory ad's : Seriously no one likes ad's yet the truth is that they are an important part of the internet ecosystem which helps content creators earn money and help small time creators to thrive in this ecosystem largely dominated by big MNC's (Adblockers don't appear all that rosy now do they?), we present a different solution where all ad's are blocked by default and we provide users with two options - a) Rent you PC - Users can enjoy unlimited music streaming with zero ad breaks in exchange for a fixed amount of data processing that our platform will perform on the user's browsers while they are streaming music (nope this won't hang or slow down your computer if that's what you are thinking) we will be awarding our own cyrptocurrency to users once the requisite amount of calcualtion is done(more on what you can do with our currency later) b) View ad's - No my friend this ain't as simple as you think it is. As opposed to other similar mediums, you will also be getting our cryptocurrency for watching ads which you can use later.

3)What exactly can I do with your cryptocurrency? i) Donate the money to your beloved content creator's directly, this way users can have more control on whom they want to promote. ii) Listen to latest premium songs and podcasts on our platform.

4)Giveaways : We will also be conducting regular giveaways to promote our platform, incentivize our regular users and get onboard new users by helping them get acquainted with our ecosystem.

Challenges we ran into

Writing a custom contract to develop our own cryptocurrency, mood detection and figuring out how to enable back ground processing in browser was challenging and fun to do.

  • Created ProjectFebruary 16, 2020 2:03 AMa year ago

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