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The problem EDULOCITY solves

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a number of consequences in different Sectors, one of which was the Education Sector.

Unfortunately,Due to lack of physical interaction within school premisis , students and teachers had tried to adopt certain ways to address their concerns in virtual way.Whether it was traditional way of dealing with exams by faculties or students , or how students interacted with their teachers regarding their doubts , aspirations ,concerns , Virtual Distance is something which has been a major problem in this sector and not that effective as compared to physical and remote way!

It helps making teams so there is less cluster managing the assignments. Teacher can view and assign scores to the students after they submit thier work. It has a user-friendly interface such that user knows his assigned and completed assignments. The video call feature also has a chat history which can be kept on track during the call. Students can join teams/rooms created by the teacher by using a code which would be provided to them by the teacher. we have also tried to develop a smart AI Based digital Platform Using Machine Learning /AI and Web based skills to make a secure web application , which aims to analyze the user's information,it can be a Faculty or Student. Using Appropriate Tech Stack , this app tries to analyse and solve the problem of online assignment upload, to check plagiarism of the assignments sent by the students, the teacher can check if any student had copied the assignments or not through our ML model, to give a short summary and finding the main key points in the assignment so that it could save time for the teacher and student counselling where student can predict a career or predict dropout rate using our ml model.

This can help to increase and strengthen interaction and communication between faculty and student more efficiecntly and can help to deliver and tackle complex solutions more easily !

Challenges we ran into

Challenges we ran into: 1.To create reliable api using Nodejs 2.To Store and retrive data from database 3.To manage and display various datas across users 4.Creating a reliable ml model 5.Finding Proper Datasets 6.Hosting Ml models 7.Creating a Great UI Exp 8.We had trouble implementing the video call feature with chat but nothing we couldn't overcome as a team. 9.The rendering of assignments to students and student's work to teacher took some time but it completed for now.

Technologies we used
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