Plan Your Investments to Reach the Moon !
The problem dSIP solves

There aren't many DeFi projects which allow for, what we call in TradFi, Systematic Investment Plans. We hope to change that with the introduction of our project which allows a user to subscribe to various investment plans. The aim was to minimize user's active involvement in managing their portfolio and hence, we automated the necessary parts of investing into different strategies (dHedge and Sushiswap DCA). Only thing the user needs to do is set some parameters and forget the rest (I mean leave everything else to us !). First aspect of our project is called Super-dHedge and it's the integration of dHedge with Superfluid constant flow agreements allowing you to set a stream of tokens to DCA into a dHedge pool. Second aspect is called Auto Dollar Cost Averaging which allows traditional DCA involving pools on Sushiswap. We believe that this strategy will allow for custom parameters/control over their DCA strategy.

Challenges we ran into

We were using Moralis for the first time so we required some time to adjust to that flow but once we did, it was a breeze to work with it. Chainlink keepers is somewhat permissioned and hence for rapid testing, we used Gelato for one aspect of the project (Super dHEDGE) and used Chainlink Keepers with the second aspect (Auto Dollar Cost Averaging). Testing these was a bit difficult as we had to deploy everything on mainnet and this wasn't helped by the fact that Superfluid's superapp deployment is permissioned. Thanks to Fran and Axe for being ever present to resolve our queries which made using Superfluid fun and encouraging.

Technologies we used
HardhatSuperfluidsushiswapChainlink KeepersChainlink OraclesGelato NetworkdHedge Protocol
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