DiskSpace 2.0
Welcome to the world of the decentralized file storage system with more security and faster accessibility of your own data
The problem DiskSpace 2.0 solves

Solves the problems related to traditional centralized storage like crashing in downtimes, speed of downloading and uploading and brings in great internal features never seen in any cloud storage system. Features involving sharing of data via QR code with end to end encryption makes this drive one of the most user friendly as everything is based on cloud to cloud transfer.Feature of Broadcoasting will help many firms to make this app their only resource to communicate for meetings and also save those recordings safely on the drive. This feature of video broadcastings opens doors for many usescases. Third feature what it provides is power of sharing data publicly as this drive can also be used for social networking of data.

AND GUESS WHAT, THIS IS ALL DECENTRALIZED!!!!!!!!! And this is the only solution currently residing in the market!!!

Challenges we ran into

Making everything work when integrating different sections like integrating AI compression with IPFS storage. Difficulties in terms of bringing in new and exciting features of RTC, QR Code file Transfer with end to end encryption. Currently testing the app as hostel DC++ storage and getting a huge lag as the app is currently running on Development server. Making UI similar to any storage system. For providing flexibility to users we had to synchronize to server with the android app with minimal time lag.

  • Created ProjectJanuary 26, 2020 11:09 AM2 years ago

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