Never stand in long queues and wait for your turn again. Save your time and resources by simply upgrading regular queues and lines into virtual ones. Just DigiQ it.
The problem DigiQ solves

Problem it solves

During these tough times when humanity is struggling to survive, it is essential to maintain social distancing and proper hygiene. Our project immediately solves the earlier problem, that is to maintain social distancing. Important places like vaccination centers or hospitals or medical facilities centers are facing huge crowd control problems due to long queues. This project implements virtual queues which will ensure social distancing and allow people to stand separate instead of crowding near the counter or the reception site. The most important and essential use of this in the current scenario will be in the vaccination centers. As a big crowd now is approaching the centers for vaccination(18 - 45), it is obvious that there will be overcrowding. We are trying to make our product bug-free and approaching vaccination centers to use the same for the safety of the common masses.

The scope of this project is not only limited to social distancing and use in times of a pandemic. This will stay extremely relevant after the end of Covid-19 also. The applications are unlimited and can be used anywhere ranging from grocery stores or essential goods stores to entertainment or relaxation facilities like movie theaters or restaurants. This is the ultimate solution to save time and other resources we often waste standing in a long queue, with DigiQ, you can just scan the OR code, enter the virtual world of queues and wait for your turn to arrive. Timely notifications will keep the user updated about his position in the Queue.

For the vaccination drive, we will be releasing a separate project with the name of VacciQ which will have some specific changes modified so as to suit the vaccine drive and the government regulations, and the general model of the project will be released as DigiQ, which can be used by anyone or any organization.

Challenges we ran into

Major bug faced


We have faced many problems during the implementation

One of the major issues was redirecting pages before we dispatch the actions and get a response from the server.

If the page gets redirected to the user dashboard, and a user object is not yet received from the server it raises errors.

First, we tried to solve it using async-await which wasn't the correct way actually

const loginAction=()=>dispatch=>{ axios.post("....",{body},config).then(res=>dispatch({type:"GET_USER",payload:res.data}); } const login=async()=>{ await dispatch(loginAction(phone,password)); history.push("/userdashboard"); }

We tackled this by sending the history object, useHistory() from react-router-dom, as a parameter in the action to be dispatched, and when the response is reached then redirected it. That history object cant be accessed directly in non-react components hence had to be passed as

const loginAction=()=>dispatch=>{ axios.post("....",{body},config).then(res=>dispatch({type:"GET_USER",payload:res.data}); history.push("/userdashboard"); ); } const login=async()=>{ await dispatch(login(phone,password,history)); }


Could not find the appropriate API for calculating the distance between the current location and the location of the vaccination center.

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