Our blockchain based asset portal would easily allow people to create property and sell it without any paperwork. This portal also allows to change price of the property.
The problem DBLOCK ASSEST PORTAL solves

Disputed land titles lead to lack of transparency in real estate transactions making the real estate market inefficient. Execution of new projects requires clarity on the ownership and value of land, both of which become difficult in the absence of clear land titles. Any infrastructure created on land that is not encumbrance-free can be potentially challenged in the future, making such investments risky. Unlike developed countries, the property ownership details in developing countries isn't only inefficient, but is also error-prone and can be manipulated. Also several malpractices still exist in the system just due to lack of a transparent and immutable system. Therefore, we propose a Blockchain based solution to curb the flaws of the existing system. Also in India registration while buying land is not necessary. As a result people posses too much disputed land. So our portal could be used to get rid of such problems.

Challenges we ran into

Integration on front end using Web3.js Executing smart contracts

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